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So far the art in Omega Quintet looks really nice.  Also congrats to CH for having one of the first JRPGs on the PS4.

I don’t know why, but the way the characters move at the talking parts in Agarest War Zero bugs me.

I’m excited that Fairy Fencer F is getting release in North America/Europe. I played the Japanese demo and in seems to be a step in the right direction (game play wise) for Compile Heart.

I hate the rubbing parts of Monster Monpiece and the upcoming Moero Chronicle, but I would kind of like to try out the OTHER gameplay features in them.

I’m super happy that RED is coming back to the in Sisters’ Generation! But I’m still confused as to why we haven’t seen Nisa an 5pb. in a game for a while. We are seeing Nisa in Disgaea D2 and 5pb. in the Neptunia anime, so why not the games?

Even though it’s 100% optional, and you’re penalized for doing it, the “Dark Love” part of the game is what’s keeping me from buying Agarest War 2.

I recently found the Fairy Fencer F track “FULL CONTACT”, and it sounds really awesome.

Out of the new characters introduced so far for Noire’s spin off, Lady Wakku is currently my favorite.

In both the first and second Neptunia games for the PS3, the parts with small text were a BIG problem for me; I could barely read them(I don’t know if Victory had that problem, too).

I have to say, I’m pretty surprised that Monster Monpiece is getting brought over. They’re even keeping that silly rubbing game, too. I don’t think I’ll be getting it, but that IS surprising.